Cancelled hair appointment…

I had a hair appointment today. For some reason, I woke feeling like a brick is in my chest. I should be continuing to feel better.

I haven’t done much. I had a very bad night, but did not expect to feel so unwell today.

The recipe yesterday is meant to be flavourful, not spicy hot. Don’t overdo the ginger/chilli.

It seems that Quay Living have told my neighbours to ignore me. That I never did anything wrong is beyond their understanding. I had a man crash into my bedroom at three in the morning. Their tenant.


I feel great, but there's nowhere to go..

My visit to my hairdresser has left me feeling great. It’s amazing what a good hair cut can do to a woman.

But every where is shut. No cafe or pub to meet friends at.

My garden is full of life. My jasmine is full of buds, daffodils are everywhere, forget-me-nots, primroses, salvia, are all blooming.

Today has been sunny, but the wind has been cold. I long for it to warm up.

I’ve found myself in an episode of Friends. The one where Phoebe’s smoke alarm goes off. I managed t stop mine for 24 hours and then it started again. It is now buried under cushions. I can still hear it bleeping. No well ripped fireman has arrived though.

My pain is considerably less since my neighbours moved. I am so grateful. I no longer hear it’s awful noise and can leave my house and be in the garden without screaming in pain. It is heavenly.

I’ve been made an editor for a publication on But since the guy publishes everyone who submits, I’m feeling very redundant. It’s a strange set up.

Today is three years since my Dad died. Last year was the first time I felt able to grieve. I still miss him so much.


Physically tired…

The last couple of days I’ve been out to meet friends and have done some planting in my garden. I’m thrilled, because on Monday morning a chaffinch was in my greengage tree. He had found the nesting box, and was trying to reach the bird feeder, but was a little too shy to come so close to me. Later the birdfeeder was empty which thrilled me as for 10 weeks there have been no birds in my garden since my neighbours destroyed the bird cover. This one had come from the other direction. He made my day.

Yesterday, I went to the hairdresser. I had left it for a while as last time I had too many layers cut into my hair which meant my hair curled. Medicine has altered my hair, which is a real blow to my self esteem. So yesterday I had it lightly trimmed for the length, and the shape tidied up. I had my fringe cut again, as I haven’t had one for about a year or so. I feel myself again, hair wise. It feels good.

When I got home, I did a bit more planting and then had a warm shower. The day was unusually warm and I felt exhausted. So I’m going to take a nap now, as I also have pain from the wind chimes.