I’m hanging in…

I am writing earlier as tiredness and bleeeaaagh have overtaken too often lately. I have never committed to writing everyday but I feel the love here.

Today I have had my worst symptom despite taking the medicine that prevents it. It leaves me feeling disgusted and lacking self-esteem. But I am over it now.

There is no change on the help front, much to my friends disgust. I have asked for the company who shouted at me to have mediation so that we might sort things out.

I have cooked myself simple meals as there is only one of me. For some reason my frying pan is missing. My cleaner might find it tomorrow. If not I’ll have to replace it.

Apart from dashing out to get groceries, the weather has kept me in. Tomorrow is forecast as dry, so I shall plant some plants and get more food.

I’m in a bad sleep mode at present, which I don’t like.



I have found this week hard. Someone shouted at me in my home and left in a fit of pique.

I hadn’t even finished my question.

I was left, open mouthed and shocked.

Quickly I dissolved into tears. I sobbed for a couple of hours.

This was the help I had wanted so that I could live with more freedom. This woman was paid to make my life easier. My self-esteem had done well. My dignity had prospered.

One hidden resentment on her part blew the whole thing out of the water.

That service is available in my area except from the ‘company’ she works for. The company are all best friends, going to each other’s family events. And talking about clients.

So I was never going to stand a chance in putting my point of view.