A poem

Photo from author’s collection

Sometimes sea breeze sings to me
of nature, trees, blooms, butterflies, bees,
gentle, sweetly, resting my soul

Summer winds cool the mind, passions
are soothed, memories salved, grief stilled
so much sorrow yet still I smile

This landscape is my second home
my first is gone, as family died over years,
homesick still for that time, that love

No one knows that I weep inside
for generations that have left me
no surprise, 
I want to go home



A poem

Photo by Diego Rosa on Unsplash

The layered bridesmaid petticoat
you wore as an angel, no, fairy,
everywhere we went, wand and wings

To me you are an angel, no, fairy
in my mind before your birth
feely came with you everywhere

Feely got irretrievably lost one day
my woebegone, sad angel, no, fairy
a lion so soft arrived, you named him Niamh

You are no longer small in petticoat
you wore always, my angel, no, fairy
so I am homesick now my angel

I smuggled Niamh into the wash sometimes
you waited for him to smell just right
held to your face, my sweet angel

I’m homesick for driving around to find Niamh
before him, feely, my angel, no, fairy
homesick for you my sweet angel