The heat…

I like summer. I enjoy going out without having to wrap up. Today has been hot

and I have felt lazy.

My tomatoes are still coming fast, so I took some to a friend. Some are over ripe. I had figs today and yesterday.

I cancelled my X-ray appointment yesterday as I felt a bit strange. Nothing obvious or apparent, just not quite myself. I have another in September.

My hip hasn’t been painful for most of the week. I do, however, have a massive bruise on my thigh. I didn’t want it remarked upon at the hospital. It is better than it was.

I am so grateful that my previous neighbours are gone. Those windchimes would have wreaked havoc, and it was while they were audible that the pain in my hip first started. What ghastly neighbours they were.

I’ve just had to communicate about the current one. Gates left open. I have a big delivery coming.

I wish I had been more playful when Mike was here. Roughhoused with him, tickled him, been more teasing. It would have made a happier memory.

I was caught off guard as I had hoped for a more planned arrival. Not arriving late evening, unplanned.

I don’t want anyone else.


So hot…

Today has been very hot, hovering around 29-30C. Here it gets muggy at that temperature. When I lived in California it would get to 35 C and I didn’t feel it as it was such a dry heat. My hair would bleach and when I was not formal for work, my tops and skirts/shorts would give me a tan without ever trying. just walking from place to place or to my car would be enough.

I have been lied about to a website. I have my suspicions. I’m not saying anything more.

I rested on waking this morning. I knew it would be hot so I made the most of the coolness. I have worked and found it too hot, even with my ceiling fan. My dehumidifier is filling up.

My county was put into an emergency status as beaches further west were closed and to the east people crowded onto the beaches. Most of the south of England was in gridlock with traffic.

There are no amenities for these people, no campsites, hotels or public restrooms. The police cannot cope. We fear they are bringing Covid19 with them, as our stats for that went up last time.

My daughter came with shopping and did some stuff I find heavy. Then I took a longed for shower, and now feel fresh and fragrant again.

It’s a glorious evening. I love evenings.

My hip does continue to give way at times. For the most part it doesn’t hurt. When I gives way, the sensation is very uncomfortable but not exactly pain. I can’t see my doctor at present and I may not bother to mention it as the most likely remedy is not possible for me.

My borage is thriving. I want to have Pimm’s with someone so I can add some.

The strawberries are cropping again and the tomatoes are ripening.

So much to be joyful about and I’m grateful. My lemon tree is showing early fruit, but I’m not expecting any this year.


Hot and changes…

No image today as wordpress has confounded me again. I hope you take a look at the memes I post. Some are really wise and others are fun.

I’ve just changed my broadband supplier. I will save heaps of money. This companies just sneak it up on you. I also changed my utilities, again it will be cheaper.

Today has been hot. I had my windows open and my fan on at times. I’ve been busy all day. I went out to cool and feel the breeze before dinner. I didn’t get far as I met two ladies who wanted to chat.

Pete was here and now my tomato plants are tied to a broom handle that was in my shed. I’ve cut off more leaves to take away weight, but I also purchased more supports. I never dreamt they would grow so big.

I like that I’ve dressed every day through lockdown. It certainly helped me feel good. Inside, I’m a sexy woman in her forties, not an unwell person. The me that people see is not the me that I am.

My lockdown hair is beyond all hope now. I just try to make gaps for my eyes.


Some good things…

It’s been great to do some English conversation class this morning. It’s good to be distracted from my worry about the construction site opposite.

It’s fun to help people get fluency in English. I always give them notes on new nouns or verbs used, and whether the verb is regular or irregular, or reflexive.

I’ve had to change my top up shop as my local one is full of men buying cans of beer or lager. My vicinity is littered with overweigh men, stripped to the waist, lobster red and guzzling alcohol.

The closed beaches are filled with people who ignored police blocks. The police are overwhelmed. I blame Dominic Cummings, and Boris Johnson’s stupid ‘Stay Alert’ instruction.

Locals are driven to staying at home. My regular trips to the RNLI station is no longer a pleasure.

I find it hard to relax when I’m not busy. People had read my blog before 8am this morning. This bothers me. In England. The search terms were odd, and the pages they looked at were just random.

I am waiting to hear from so many people.

It’s very hot. My dehumidifier has barely any more water in it. The difference it makes though.

My cousin is hoping to come down. I did find a great place to live near her, on a river, but I don’t have the strength to move.


I’m awake, too warm…

I woke at 3am. I think I was too warm. We need to be in cooler room to sleep well -cooler than the way we heat our homes. That’s why we sleep with our windows ajar.

Yesterday evening, I felt a little cold so I lit my candle heater. It’s a terracotta dome over a candle. They are easy to make with terracotta flower pots. I went to sleep with it still burning, which was a mistake.

If you run or work out in the evening, be sure to let your core temperature drop before you go to bed. We cannot get optimum sleep while we are too warm. This is why I would often wrap my daughter warmly and let her sleep in her pram in the garden. It is the optimum rest.

I have just had a tepid shower to cool myself and feel cooled. I did not feel over warm, but just in want of refreshing. It has helped.

I will lay to try to sleep again.