A troll…

I went to this morning and found I have a troll. I reported it and blocked them. Medium is linked to twitter, where a lot of campaigning goes on for human rights, stopping exports of teargas etc. It is there that I got a troll, an American convert to Islam, living in Indonesia.

This guy did all kinds of things to me. Mainly psychologically, but also made phone calls to the UK to cause suspicion about me. I have been so grateful that he got blocked from twitter, and left me alone.

By the way, just over six years ago, we stopped a shipment of teargas from South Korea to Bahrain. Bahrain persecutes the Shia population, denies them medical care and will arrest them or shoot to kill them at any excuse. Their communities are concreted up so the world doesn’t see them, and teargas is thrown in windows and vehicles. Children’s lungs are damaged and a form of anaemia is developed.

There have been several anniversaries recently to do with promoting peace and human rights issues.

I just hope nothing starts again.


Touching base…

I had hoped to write a post about something that might bring understanding on issues that plague humankind. Instead I am just writing part of my journey with chronic disease.

I have been dealing with the pain in my shoulder, and have seen some improvement. I’ve used breathing techniques to relax, and small amounts of alcohol – a glass of wine will send me into a deep sleep, which is really great and medicinal.

It seems I may have bruised a bone in my pelvis when I had that awful fall on06 11 19. The bruise was bad, but there is still tenderness and some pain in my left leg.

Last week, one day, my blog was most read in Japan. I found this surprising. My blog has been read in every country in the world, apart from a handful of countries in Africa. I find this very humbling. I hope those who read it find inspiration and hope.

I started this blog without even thinking others would read it. In all honesty, I think it’s only been this year that I started to engage with followers on WordPress. Sometimes a friend will let on that they have read something, but I would rather not know, as I want to write freely.

Last week, someone hacked the facebook account of a friend of mine and sent me a friend request. I blocked that hacker and told my friend. I don’t understand why I get that intrusion now. When I was much more engaged in human rights, it was almost normal to be ‘spied’ on, or brand new accounts asking my friends questions about me. Friends who freely gave info to someone they’d never heard of became unfriended by me on facebook. I’m still in touch with a few, but really, who gives info about a friend to a stranger? I don’t.

All sorts of tactics have been used to try and intimidate me, or find out information about me. That’s ok. But when my daughter was brought into it, that was quite another. I am a tigress when it comes to my daughter.

I’ve stepped back in the last 18 months as it took a toll on my mental health. Politics is so slow. And so many lies are told and believed. Some governments place no value on human life. Some – most goverments see refugees as less than human.

We have an election here this week. I shall vote Labour as it will save our National Health Service. It is up for sale with the Conservatives, and Trump’s proclamation that he isn’t interested in our NHS was word play. He hates the NHS because Republicans see it as socialism. We pay for it in taxes and it is free at the point of need. The Tories have planned to end this and make it a for profit scheme.

If you have the right to vote here in the UK, please vote Labour for the sake of the NHS. I have never before advocated for the Labour party. I don’t like Jeremy Corbin, I don’t like a lot of things, but Labour is the lesser of the two evils.


Why I won’t use iPhone

I have been laughed at and mocked because I refuse to use iPhone. I actually don’t renew my Samsung every two years either because it’s unnecessary. I had my last phone for six years and bought it second hand. Why? BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT THE PLANET and HUMAN RIGHTS.

The minerals used in any smart phone need to be mined. I’m not entirely up to speed on where these are mined but I know that Congo, India, China, and Australia are some of them. I know that children are used to mine thestuff in Congo, and as for China, well, their human rights record is zero, nil, null, zilch. China not only mines the minerals but manufactures iPhones because Apple likes the cheap labour. Shame on Apple.

In China, people ‘disappear’ for apparently no reason. Business men, minor politicians, writers, artists and dissidents. Minorities are oppressed and put in concentration camps. China calls this ‘re-education’. People and children are exploited for cheap labour. China does no publish how many people it executes. It is ignoring the treaty with Britain over Hong Kong, and will prevail over the protests because China does not lose face.

I get told, China and Korea there’s no difference. But we are talking South Korea which makes Samsung, which is a democracy. The governments are elected and it upholds human rights. So my conscience is clear.

The world is just beginning to wake up to the waste created by smartphones on the planet. There are recycling schemes growing around the world but in my opinion no one needs a new smartphone every two years just so that it does something one second faster. I only changed to a newer second hand phone so I could have a banking app because my former neighbour committed fraud with my bank account. I still miss my old phone.