The home-owner is back…and health update…

The people who moved in late December last year turn out to be the owners of the property. He has blatantly ignored me, which, until I realised who he is, bothered me a little. His son is pleasant though and so is his friend who came when my smoke detector went off. Kate was pleasant to me but I rarely saw her.

All week I have been feeling that my lungs are smaller. I can’t describe it any other way. Today, I shopped for a couple of items and found that carrying a candle in a jar, and one other item, exhausted me. I was fine once I put them down.

The hypoxia has caused a lot of cognitive problems this week too. The keyboard on my laptop has bewildered me many times and a few emails I was writing disappeared. They reappear in drafts.

Other symptoms have been worse too. The water on my kidneys and heart has manifested. It is so inconvenient and dictates my time.

I feel like my home has been a sub-station for the police due to M.’s ex- girlfriend. Seems they can’t retain information. There is worse, but I won’t write it here, except to say some police are idiots.

I received a group email from SWAST. Only nine months since I resigned. I guess they need a long time to update or remove email addresses. I am glad that I resigned. Being sent to seminars I shouldn’t be at, and have my boss respond differently to the same thing and not do what we agreed was painful. Not to mention the shoddy use of English.

I went to the enquiry about the proposed monstrosity that has been refused planning permission a few yards away. So glad I did. I got to represent the residents in my neighbourhood. What a slick so and so their barrister is.

My garden is a dream. So many flowers but also so many unwanted ones. The blue flower that attracts bees and looks so pretty had gone rampant. M. sliced them at ground level and laid paving slabs over. I hope to make a pond later in the year.


My lungs…

Over the last few days, I have struggled to breathe. My inhalers were no help and the paramedics fixed me temporarily.

I stopped using the cough assist machine on Friday. It is the only factor that has changed, apart from the progression of my disease.

Yesterday, I decided to pack a bag and go to hospital today. I have not. My breathing is easier. I no longer feel I am suffocating.

My theory is that the cough assist dragged up phlegm but not enough to cough up. I am wondering if the movement of phlegm was enough to impede my breathing, but not enough to cough up.

I will not use it again until I have medical advice.

Hypoxia is very much part of my life now. I set a reminder on my phone for this morning. I had not given the reminder a name, so I had no clue what it was for. It was for a poetry event and lunch with a friend. My friend arrived and I dragged myself from my bed. We have rearranged.