A tough week…

My resignation from SWAST has been the gossip and prying of my town on Facebook. I wish I had altered my profile settings when I took a step back on my humanitarian work. What empty minds people have.

I am so fed up with people who argue the toss when they are wrong. And don’t bother to check facts. They are destined to crash and burn. And wreck lives. So to the gardener who was verbally aggressive to me about what I know as fact, here is my email to you referencing the Consumer Act 2015 Section 3.3


Services must be performed with “reasonable care and skill”[16] and also “within a reasonable time”.[17]

The Act also ensures that any statement a trader makes when a consumer is either deciding to enter into the contract or making a decision about the service after entering into the contract is now a binding contractual term. Previously such terms may only have given rise to an action in the tort of misrepresentation but now a claim may be brought for breach of contract.[18] This means that a claimant’s case will generally be easier to prove and expectation damages may be awarded rather than compensation based on the principle of restitutio ad integrum.[19]On top of the usual remedies consumers now also have the right to repeat performance[20] and price reduction.[21]
Civil Law on overhanging plant growth

Establishing Ownership of Trees

The tree belongs to the person upon whose land it has originally grown. Even if its branches or, worse still, its roots have begun to grow over or into a neighbour’s territory, it belongs to the landowner where the tree was originally planted. Even if the tree bears fruit or flowers on branches which overhang into your land, it’s an offence under the Theft Act 1968 to keep them or to take cuttings of flowers, for example.

Obviously, many neighbours will not tend to worry about that too much but should a neighbour, for example, see you collecting apples from their tree even though the branches have grown onto your side, they are legally entitled to ask you to return them.

Overhanging Branches

If the branches of a neighbour’s tree start to grow over to your side, you can cut them back to the boundary point between you and your neighbour’s property, as long as the tree is not under a tree preservation order. If it is, you’ll need to seek further clarification. However, the branches and any fruit on them which you may have cut down on your side still belong to the tree owner so they can ask you to return them.

I was so upset I could not get home alone. I cannot abide conflict and you refuse to deal with your anger. You need to because you have a child now and she heard your anger, That’s bad parenting.

I decided to visit as I had not heard from my real friend. Your back door was open. I needed to go into the park, needing healing from a mean editor.

I left your parent’s home very upset. I did not get home on my own.


Do you ever make complaints?

Have you ever made a complaint? Did you feel satisfied afterwards? Who benefitted?

I have been known to make a complaint. I tend to choose them carefully, as they can take a lot of time. I also don’t want to pick on someone who’s just having a bad day. I generally chat to people who are serving me, so I tend to be able to know if they are faking cheerfulness. I have never complained about anyone who was faking a smile. They may be recently bereaved, or just divorced, they might have just lost their home. Even if they had given me awful service, I would not make a complaint. I would give them my smile.

When I have considered making a complaint, I consider who will benefit. Not just me, it has to be for others too. I will not complain just for me unless I have been caused injury or financial loss. I may make a comment if someone is rude, or late etc, depending on the situation. I will complain if I am treated differently to others.

Having worked in the Citizen’s Advice Bureau (there is no equivalent in the U.S.) I’ve seen all kinds of complaints. Some were very worthy and others weren’t legal, and the majority fell somewhere in between. I did a lot of work for solicitors during this time. For civil actions they are incredibly expensive, but those who 0ffered hours with the C.A.B. often asked me to do the majority of the work. (Only 1 in 11 interviewees get to work for the CAB, and there is six months training.)

I complained about the place my mother put my Dad. It was appalling, rude, self serving, no training, and dangerous. As soon as my mother died, I moved him and he blossomed.

Last year, when my sister was dying of sepsis, some of the staff did things that I found incredible. I don’t wish to go into detail for my sister’s sake. I made two complaints because I felt no one should be treated like that, ever. Under any circumstances.

Then early this year, my former neighbour decided to dream up a complaint about me. So I made a very real complaint about her. Her complaint was seen as being non existent, but mine was very real and involved the police. It still isn’t over. My former neighbour told a parcel of lies to her letting agency, and thus came the wind chimes.

Don’t tell lies about people. It is cruel. Unfair. Malicious. Evil.

Make a complaint if you need to, but please bear in mind this blog post.


Being hacked, Prince Andrew and other things…

At some point today, while I was downstairs chatting with my friend Abby, my laptop was hacked. I know who did it, or it was their brother who lives in Bristol. Stop it. The police know.

A friend tagged me on facebook with a meme I had used on here… It’s good to know I am being read, though I generally prefer to not know who is reading among my friends and family.

I am glad there is a reader in Portugal, and I hope it is Frank.

….So Prince Andrew has famously given an interview to Newsnight. I think notoriously is a better word. He has shown himself to be a very self centred person, he showed absolutely no concern for the victims of Epstein, and is not fit to be a patron of any charity, organisation or initiative to do with young people.

Anyone who is asked such questions and expresses no empathy or concern for trafficked children for sex, poses a risk to young teenage girls. Really. Truly. Prince Andrew not once uttered any concern that his friends had been abusing girls in this way. Ghislaine Maxwell seems to have a lot of questions to answer too. In a court of law.

Prince Andrew does not regret his friendship with Epstein. He really should regret it and should have not bothered to end the friendship at all, by phone, by text, and certainly not by staying in Epstein’s house for four days.

All he did was say he had let the Royal Family down. He described sex from a man’s point of view is ‘a positive act’. But we are not talking about ‘sex’. We are talking about abuse of power, violence, victimisation, etc etc.

It is appalling that someone of his position can give an interview in a palace, with plush carpets, furnishings and comfort, while his accusers are not afforded the same. Prince Andrew should be answering in a court of law, in America.

I don’t see what he can do in future. Exile is an option. Certainly, he is now a huge blight to his family. His crime is to be totally uncaring about the abuse of children, the extent of Epstein’s crimes, Ghislaine Maxwell’s involvement, and the callous self- vindication he engaged in.

The NSPCCC must be cringing that he was ever involved with him, and as someone who once worked with the NSPCC, I was shocked to the core.

When I was a young girl I had a crush on this man, and was shocked when he was labelled the ‘the playboy prince’ and he feigns surprise that he is called the ‘party prince’.


The Good News Never Happened…

For those of you who follow my blog fairly regularly, I wrote a post entitled ”Good News” a short while ago. Well, I’ve had an answer now and it isn’t good.

About a month ago, I had a visit from a local Chief Inspector of Police. He owed me an apology, as he had forgotten to write to me about a matter another officer had messed up. During the visit, several things were discussed and I mentioned the wind chimes. A Sargent told me he would visit and mediate but could promise nothing.

So yesterday, the Sargent phoned me and told me my neighbours still refuse to move the wind chimes. I was staggered. I thought that the police asking them might just shame them into moving them.

That is why I wrote the article I posted yesterday. It will appear in a local new source, but will reach much further afield. I hope to create a law requiring consultation with neighbours before installing anything that makes noise or visual distress.

I may never benefit from such a law, but hopefully others will, and it may cause neighbourhoods to be closer knit. As far as I can tell, these neighbours have no contact with anyone else in my road. I do, I have friendships and acquaintances.

In my chat with the sargent, he also told that Woodhouse will get her come upance, if not to do with her harassment of me, but sooner or later the law will catch up with her.

I feel comforted by these men, who enforce the law, although they need proof and evidence. These men are upright and honourable. They remind me of when and why I worked at the Citizens Advice Bureau.

All my career has been about empowering the disadvantaged and giving hope to the poor in spirit.

I’m not changing. I will not become bitter. I will keep my spirit sweet.

So the good news never came, but good will come out of this. I believe that with all my heart.


An article I have written…

We all live in a community. No matter how rural and how far away one’s neighbours are. Often far-flung farms are closely knit whilst urban dwellers may often not know the name of the person next door.
Whether we live in detached houses with wrap around gardens, or dense terraces, or multiple flats, our choices and decisions about what we attach to our walls or install in our gardens affects others around us. My Dad always consulted our neighbours about a new fence going up, a low brick wall, and hedge cutting. Thus the hedge cutting often became a joint effort, with cups of tea. My Dad is my plumbline for neighbour relations.
Where I live now, no respect was given to the boundary which is mine. Instead of erecting a fence on their slide, the neighbours put the fence on the boundary line. On the other side, great respect was shown after my arrival, and the fence was placed inside their boundary.
It seems the etiquette around boundaries is dying out, and I am not old.
So earlier this year, my neighbours hung high pitched windchimes eight feet from our mutual fence. There are other places they could have been hung. I have great problems with high pitched sound, as I have a rare disease in my nervous system. It is so rare that it is not researched. The windchimes cause me pain and muscle tension.
My neighbours, who are tenants claim I harassed them, but in fact I knocked at their door at two different times of day before resorting to posting a note, with my mobile number. They ignored this and then trespassed in my garden. Meanwhile, they were causing nuisance by hooking their back gates open, preventing ease of access for me and my friends, and work men.
Quay Living, their letting agent, doesn’t care about any of this and will not ask my neighbours to move the windchimes. The council has exhausted it’s powers in asking them to move them, and my neighbours refuse mediation.
In the summer, I could hear the chimes all over my house as I had many windows open due to the heat. It’s got so bad that I scream with pain when I step into my garden. I can no longer enjoy my garden.
I have started a petition asking the Secretary of State for the Environment to introduce a law requiring householders to consult their neighbours about noise-making installations,or visual disturbance. Someone I care about has had a flag hung beside her bay window, and it disturbs her constantly and obscures her view.
Please take a couple of minutes to sign this petition. One day it may be you with an intolerable noise or visual disress, or your elderly relative.

Sign the PetitionMake Neighbours consult on what they put in their garden that makes noise/visual distress

Chrissie Morris Brady


It gets worse

Today has been nightmare. My neuromuscular disease is out of control. I have tried to sleep but it’s difficult. I had a bad night due to muscle spasms and the same today. I am taking higher doses of the medicine for this. That scares me as well.

All because a previous neighbour told malicious lies about me. This wind chime situation is ridiculous and the law is an ass. I have started a petition to make a law so that no one can hang a noise making object without the consent of neighbours.