Happy New Year, I’m breathless…

It is bitterly cold here. On New Year’s morning it was -5C. That is very cold for where I live. It is common to get -1, but -5 is unusual now.

It is beautiful though, with the hoare frost on leaves, twigs and branches. On grass, it almost looks like snow. The harbour is absolutely still.

I have been getting breathless after walking around. It bothers me a lot, but I just keep going. I really don’t want to be unwell again.

Nothing exciting is happening as we are now in a lockdown. The local hospital is low on blood so I put a request for donations out.

I now will only be able to see people in my ‘bubble’ as we call it. My daughter can visit as Oxford is in the same restriction as here.

Stay safe.


One more week of lockdown…

My daughter went back to work yesterday to set up the store in Oxford. She is enjoying her time there, despite this lockdown, and I enjoy sending little gifts. At the end of last week it was the aniversary of when she was elected to the school council, after she climbed on a desk and rapped her manifesto.

That’s my daughter. I am so proud, and love her so much.

I have spent the weekend wondering if I should start another course of antibiotics. I still feel better but I still wheeze after effort. I have a doctor appointment in a week.

I’m disappointed that Ireland lost a rugby match to Englandon Saturday. England’s Jonny May was quite a hero.

I hope people don’t go crazy when lockdown ends. There has been a tendency to be wreckless with other peoples’ health. I feel so sorry for Americans. 13million deaths because Trump ignores it.

I feel I had other things to write, but can’t recall now. Story of my life. I did see a wonderful photo of a puppy named Sprock. So very adorable. He’s getting on in years now.