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Steely sky seeps soft snowflakes
gathering like a gown on green grass
untouched, virgin, bright white

Animal paw prints appear, pathway
across, birds beaks seek suet balls
birdsong greets our ears, joyful

Late sunrise darkens days, waking hard
early sunset evenings are warmed
by flickering flames of hearth fires

Church bells ring out to greet the morn
the day Christ was born, everyone celebrates
first day of longer light, day of my birth

Published by Poetry Bar

They forgot to let me know. I wrote it because my birthday is so lost in Christmas. I wish my parents had chosen a day in the summer to celebrate my birthday.



We spent an evening, a night, part of a day. He slept, I bought food for him, he kept sleeping, I went to see a neighbour and came back to find him gone.