How Men Can Age Well

As men age, a lot tend to slow down, kick back, and relax.

This is a big mistake. Please don’t make it. You will lose everything that makes you happy, content, and good company.

If you are not taking any exercise already, now is the time to start. Get a fairly decent bike, or start running. If you choose running, run on grass, otherwise, go to a sports shop and get good running shoes. You don’t want to wear your ankles and knees out.

If you a beginner, stop when you start to perspire. Your heartbeat will be faster. Your face will glow.

Every day go just a bit further. Stop if you get out of breath. Please.

If exercise is your habit, keep it going all your life. It will keep you fit and alert. You will find life less stressful than your inactive peers. You will be happier, content, and probably in a great relationship.

Exercise keeps your testosterone levels up. Aging causes them to drop. Activity fools the brain into thinking you are younger. You will keep enjoying a good sex life, as you have enabled yourself to keep getting erections.

A man who exercises learns what foods he needs. Low carbohydrates and high proteins. Drink plenty of water, limit the coffee, and drink alcohol occasionally.

If you have given up alcohol for whatever reason, stick with it. You aren’t missing much. If you were drinking as an addiction, make sure you have support, AA, or whatever works.

There is no such thing as a male ‘’menopause’’’, which isn’t always ghastly for women. There is simply becoming idle and lazy. That leads to impotence.

So live your life well. In all aspects. Be kind, generous, learn to understand people. Grasp the nuances, be actively making black lives matter, respect women.

If you can do this and experience the beautifulness of aging, you will be wise as well.


Why do I get unwanted attention from men?

I’m a member of a community website. Lots of people use it, and some players in my life have tried to make problems for me there. They get removed. But a man joined, and he messaged me. I ignored that message for days. Then he joined again. As it was I who clicked on his arrival, I commented that he was already a member. Then he messaged me and asked me to phone him to sort out his two profiles. I said that was unnecessary and told him where to find the deactivation. Today I logged in and he is asking to meet me.

Why? Why? Why do I get unwanted attention like this?

It isn’t just he and the one who arrived in my bedroom. I repeatedly get situations like this. I don’t want a relationship. I’ve known that for years. But I get such strange messages and attention that I really really don’t want.

My cousin phoned. That’s always good.



When I upgraded my phone after many years I lost my Instagram account. I tried so hard to get back in to no avail.

I finally gave up and started a new account and did not use my own picture in my profile but chose one from the internet because I was fed up with being hit on by men. Today, someone started following me so I checked out their account and decided that we had enough in common to follow back. Ten minutes later he deluged me with messages that he wanted to date me, we had chemistry, all sorts. I was overwhelmed and annoyed. I told him my profile pic is not me and he was jumping the gun etc and I stopped following him. I also told him I am not over my last relationship.

I cannot win. I love someone who no longer wants me and get hit on by men I have no interest in.

What do I do?