Two Hundred Miles

A poem

Photo by Max Kleinen on Unsplash

Racism drove two hundred miles to murder
fascism planned, premeditated
death of black-skinned people
because of their skin color

Tears are flowing in grief, not yet felt
anger at such hatred, a community attacked
Nazism loosed again because their skin was black
Two hundred miles he drove, intent

Let the forests fall, let rivers become dry
may the earthquake until we do not hate

let the sun hide her face, the moon drifts away
more black people are dead just for being black


Wanton Endangerment

The charge for murder

Her door burst open, a gun was discharged
She lay dead in her home for no reason
except her skin was black. No justice for Brionna
just a non-murder charge for the white shooter

Of course, black people are not murdered, that’s
white privilege. They are executed.
It has to stop, we are allowing democracy to die
if we don’t use our vote and voice to speak out

Say what it is. Racism, less than me, bigotry
Protest, change has to come, it must be birthed
otherwise America will destroy itself
with this amount of polarization