Sarah Everard’s Murderer

Earlier this year a writer on here wrote that what happened to Sarah Everard was not unusual. Oh how ignorant she was.

Only now that the case is over (bar the pain, grief, and loss, and complete breach of trust) do we have any detail more than a serving policeman murdered her.

Now it is public knowledge that Cousins made a fake arrest on Sarah, handcuffed her and drove her to woodland. There he raped and murdered her by strangulation with a belt or strap, and set her alight to burn. He used his Warrant Identification to arrest her for breaking Covid rules. He was not in uniform, but posed a plain clothes officer.

That Cousins pleaded guilty is only sparing her family the ordeal of a trial. They have had to bear what happened to her in gruesome detail for the last six or more months.

In the UK, unlike the US, police don’t kill people unless they present a clear and present danger. We trust the police and we are policed by consent. America has no concept of what that even is. So, the entire public trust was breached.

Never has a writer got it as wrong as Jessica WildFire did as she said it happens to most women. No, we don’t get handcuffed, raped, murdered, and set alight by the police. This was a tipping point. There have been terrible murders of women since, and nothing has been done to address misogyny. I carry a whistle now.

Women, please never walk with both ear buds in your ears. One is enough. You need to hear who is around you.

Imagine that it was your sister, your wife, your daughter. Unique in history. The details are unspeakable. Because a serving police officer did it. Not a psychopath, not a serial murderer, not the criminally insane.

The parents and sister have shown great dignity. But they speak of the gaping hole in their lives. Their revulsion of what was done to their beloved.

We must defuse misogyny in men, starting with our sons.