So very tired…

I got up today and with two hours I was taking a nap. I got up for the postman, and napped again.

When I awakened I felt hot and lethargic but needed to pick up a prescription, fetch my clock from Jordi, and go to another shop.

After waiting ages in the airless chemist it was found that the prescription had not been sent. I felt peeved as I do not want to go back in a mask. I got my clock and then the shop I needed had closed before it’s closing time.

I got home feeling weary and forlorn.

The pain in my hip is ok with painkillers. My neck is still a bit sore.

I just attended a poetry zoom meeting. It was good. Not my usual crowd. I’m glad I made the effort.


Getting around pain…

Last night I struggled to open a box with two bags of compost in it. The carrier had had to retape it. I was too lazy to get my scissors or a knife so I wrenched at it. Afterwards, I realised I had strained muscles in the top of my shoulders and by the time I went to bed, I had a knot of acute pain to one side of my neck.

I made sure my wheat pillow was supporting my neck and stopped myself from turning on my side. Thankfully, I fell asleep fairly quickly and awakened in the same position this morning. An alert on my phone made me jump, which reminded me that my neck hurt.

I have spent the day trying to massage it with two fingers and the painkillers for my hip have helped.

At around five I went to ask a neighbour to help me tip the compost into the tin bath that I am converting into a raised bed. I bumped into another man I talk to and he came and did it for me.

I watered the garden and wanted to plant in my new bed but for some reason my solar plexus (abs?) were aching badly. So weird.

So I came in and ate, and have been resting. My neck feels a little better and now the ache has gone.

I am resetting after all the pain on Saturday. One cannot think straight in such pain. It is exhausting. I’m so glad I have respite from it. Life feels so different.

I wonder at times about the girl I found in the street. I’ve heard nothing. I hope she has support. If they can’t prove she was punched, like no bruising, it may be an injustice. I don’t know. She was so distraught. Why make something like that up? Why be sobbing in the street if nothing happened when only I was approaching and she didn’t see me anyway until I called out to her.