Some good news….

I forgive many times, but I won’t have fake friends…

Yesterday I had a visit from two people who may well be able to sort out the problem with the wind chimes. I had a very positive meeting with these people and I feel an optimism that some other things will be sorted out too. I will say more about this in due time.

Quay Living, the letting agent for next door, have some how given out my number, so I have had a total of fifteen answered calls from their clients and several missed ones. This is very odd indeed, and if our numbers were similar, or it was any other entity in the town I would not suspect anything. It is now with the police.

The skin irritation that alerted me to the side effects of my medicine has come back. Again. Every time I think it is gone, it just slyly starts to reappear. I am treating it with the ointment, which came in a generous amount, but every time I feel a tiny bump on my skin anywhere on my body, I get paranoid that the irritation has spread. I will need to phone my doctor for advice. I feel uncomfortable with this paranoia. I need it to end.

I had another good night of sleep last night. I cannot emphasise enough how important good sleep is. When my daughter was a baby, I napped whenever she did. Housework will always be there and it’s amazing what can be done with a baby on one’s hip. It’s no good depriving oneself of sleep when so many other factors steal it anyway. So I’ve overall been feeling good, and more able to cope with stresses.

I planted up a large planter in September. I put in an odd mixture of plants because at the time I had nowhere else to put them. Now I have violets and wild strawberries in bloom and poppies in bud. It’s most odd. It’s climate change. Next week the gardener to whom I gave my piano is coming to make some changes in my garden. I’m looking forward to that.

I’ve embedded my sound cloud page here now. Just sharing the link gave some problems, I’m not at all technical. Although yesterday I was able to pass on some of the little knowledge that I do have.


One day at a time…

This morning I was woken by the sound of my doctor rapping on my door. I had taken ages to get to sleep last night so my mind and body were tired.

I went downstairs and he checked the rash on my face. It is a fungal infection. At first I felt disgust, but he says he sees them two or three times a week. Later, my friend from down the road told me she used to get them on her arm, and once had a fungus removed from her ear inner ear.

So I have a prescription of ointment to treat that. My doctor cannot know whether it was triggered by my ‘magic’ pill or not. I feel it was as I’ve never had a skin complaint before. Then my doctor asked how I was mentally and physically. I had to say I had better days before today, and since I spoke to him on the phone but that I feel as though I have ants crawling over my skin. My mood has swung around a bit but I feel less depressed, although I’ve had agoraphobia and claustrophobia, feelings of panic when I’ve been out.

I asked if it was possible to take the tablet again when I feel better, but stop after a couple of months and start again after another period of time. He got what meant and said that when I feel better in a couple of months (a couple of months!!) I can start on a lower dose and there’s not a lot of me.

I feel very happy that there is a lower dose but not so happy that it might take a couple of months to feel better.

I shall just take each day as it comes and greet it with optimism. I will not be dictated to by a prognosis. I never have been before.