Waxing Moon

A Poem

Each evening, yearning every night
for Moonlight to flood my bedroom
waiting to watch wondrous orb
transit east to west across the sky

Tender light, gentle in your journey
I watch as you wax, revealing more
from sickle to fully glowing
friendly light, filling each night

Published in Under The Moon




Earth on it’s axis turns away in it’s orbit
fickle but eternal path in the Universe

Darkness begins to shroud our daily lives
we hunker down, wrap ourselves warm

We yearn for light, the Sun, weak warmth
bright Sun mornings cheer our days, the joy

So rains and storms may come our way
Hallelujah for every single Sun day

Published in Lifeline


If You Should Die

If you should die
Please give me notice
So I can say my words of love

Gratitude or sorrow
May I let you know
All is well, as well can be
Coping even painfully

If you should die
To whom do I write
I am at peace despite all the odds
For it was given by God

Published in The Lark



My dog dances with his rope toy
Shakes it from side to side
As he prances front paws high
Looking like a Chinese dragon

A dog like tango, sudden turns
Graceful yet staccato-like
Playful growls as he flirts
Dancing prelude to a game

Walking by the sea, fey by the wind
running to and fro, circling, reeling
choreography unknown to me
joyous, an hour of memories twice daily

Published n The Lark


Lands and Countries

In three countries before I was born
and then we moved to one of them
where Oma and Opa raised me
their house truly was my home

Age five we changed countries and language
no more Oma and Opa except twice a year
pined myself sick for my true home
no one understood that was clear

Then we moved to another town
home to me with dens and trees in the garden

the boy next door was sweet on me
he took my side always and secretly kissed me

And then all hell broke loose on me
ensuring I would never be the same
that took me to the strangest land
that has followed me all around the globe

Collecting countries is what I’ve done
and absorbed their cultures too
but the one I want so much to leave
is the land that follows me everywhere

Published in The Lark



a published poem

The first time I knew I could kill
the first time no one else mattered
the first time that love underpinned all
no option to walk away.

Child, I have loved many people,
gone the second mile so many times
given everything I had, been unconditional,
then I gave birth to you.

You became my world, everything was you
a love I cannot describe, stronger than death
instincts I’d never known, strength I never had
came to me when you were born.