Flowers Dance

A poem

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

My garden is full of flowers,
they dance a graceful waltz
with the breeze, with butterflies
most of all with bees

Flowers dance in sunlight
flirting with music unseen,
listen, you hear it, will-o-wisp
pollen gathering meanwhile

How much sunlight is contained
in that small drop of dew?
gleaming so brightly, beaming
on the leaf below the bloom



A poem

Photo by Kristijan Arsov on Unsplash

Dusk at another airport
One can see the heat hanging
A yellow orb is low in the sky

Slowly turning to egg yolk
And then mango

Sinking slowly as a goodbye
Turning the color of oranges
Finally some red markings
As that sun drops away
Minutes pass, the clouds celebrate
With pink, pale red, apricot, and aqua




A poem

Photo by Diego Rosa on Unsplash

The layered bridesmaid petticoat
you wore as an angel, no, fairy,
everywhere we went, wand and wings

To me you are an angel, no, fairy
in my mind before your birth
feely came with you everywhere

Feely got irretrievably lost one day
my woebegone, sad angel, no, fairy
a lion so soft arrived, you named him Niamh

You are no longer small in petticoat
you wore always, my angel, no, fairy
so I am homesick now my angel

I smuggled Niamh into the wash sometimes
you waited for him to smell just right
held to your face, my sweet angel

I’m homesick for driving around to find Niamh
before him, feely, my angel, no, fairy
homesick for you my sweet angel




A poem

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I think you are brave to keep living
when you don’t know how anymore
when the odds are stacked so heavily

I think you are strong to keep smiling
when the waves keep crashing in
when the pain will not give up

I think you are wise to stop caring
what the thoughts of others are
accepting what cannot be changed

I think you are brave to keep being you
when so much wants to destroy you
dignified in the mess of humans

I think you are beautiful despite
the scars, the symptoms, the pain
when no one understands anything of you




Fall Into Winter

My Silver Birch tree finally changes leaves to gold
green remained long after fall told it was here
flowers bloom still, colors in array
abuse of the atmosphere is something we will pay

A cold snap last weekend chilled my heart
winter winds work their way with driving rain
the damp dankness depresses my lungs
I thrive only in fine dry warm weather, wellness there

The coming winter fills me with dread, yet happy I choose to be
misery may love company, but company will soon flee
each day brings birth to joy in life
I will not stress, strain the time or lose myself in strife

Published by Lifeline


Moonlit Dreams

Moon, you followed me every place I went
yet you are fading away from Earth
only eight inches thus far, but further?

Moon, you are my true love, soft Light you bring
we forget to celebrate you, except the Chinese
how sad for you, so you are departing us

Moon, if I could beg you to stay, my tears would not win
you must do as you feel right, as I keep
my gaze on your sphere, as we spin on Earth

Published by Under The Moon


For My Mother

Unnaturally cold, a marble face

No blood flowed

When cutting her breastbone

Hot stumpy fingered hands

Will never grasp again and twist

Until whipped back as if from a coiled spring

And then to blame that wrung thing

For the pain inflicted in return

Malice that cut another’s quick

Until like a wild animal, they simply bit

What she sowed, so did she reap


Paths of Gold

Light is fading now, nights draw in
But I’ve walked on paths of gold

Sun’s warmth is now failing us
Given to leaves that turn and fall
To adorn the ground we tread
What artist can paint these hues
How is this designed
Sad to feel the summer cool
Afraid to face the Fall


Watching The Butterfly

Children’s Poem

The pretty butterfly that catches your eye
began life crawling as a caterpillar
It changed in a chrysalis, a bit like a sack
Nature has tricks and that is no lie

Watch on the ground as well as the air
creatures help make food for you and me
Bees won’t harm you just see them drift
from flower to flower because they are there

Nature is magical, all have their place
Trees are breathing to give us clean air
Tell all your friends that you know this secret
ask them to plant a flower in a pot or someplace



We ask why? of God
But I think he asks why of us

Why have we destroyed forests
Put poison on the ground
Made war and slaughtered many
Why do we traffic people
Make slavery of them
And continue to sell armory

Why have we corrupted ourselves
We need to ask ourselves why?

Published in The Lark


Send Out The Clowns

A poem by John O’Neill

Never the favorite part of my circus visits
Too predictable
More filler than specialty
Only mildly amusing
Slapstick comedy not really my thing
But now I say
Send out the clowns
Early and often

Hit me over the head with a rubber mallet
Deck me out with greasepaint
That would be the envy of a geisha
The time for subtlety and clever satire is over

Why this reversal of opinion
The world is much too serious these days
Afghanistan and Haiti
Covid and its deniers
Mother Nature angry and out of control
Homophobia and racism and sexism rampant
The N.R.A. as outrageous as ever
(If only they would be content with just muskets)
Rich people spending a fortune to go into space
While hunger plagues much of the world

Then there are the faux clowns
Politicians acting as fools
Including a recent American President
To the delight of many
But in a manner that would have embarrassed court jesters
Some clergy joining in the fun as well
Fox News becoming Comedy Central Noir

Bring back the laugh tracks
From the television comedies of the fifties and sixties
And every time someone protests
Against mandatory wearing of masks for school children
Or says that vaccines either aren’t needed
Or don’t work
Play one of them

By all means
Send out the real old-fashioned clowns
They never promised more than they could deliver
I need some mindless entertainment these days
And give me children blowing bubbles
Birds singing
And orchestras playing Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’
Dogs and cats playing with humans
Smiles and tears on every face
Every moment savored

Please let the real clowns
The people who make us happy to be alive
Lead the way

Published in The Lark


Talking To My Heart

My heart has made a journey, within my body
as well as a journey filled with love

I soothe my heart with pleasant memories
with the words of love spoken to me

Over many years, many voices in many places
some are beautiful, some are really not

I have sat in gutter with addicts, giving them truth
dined with the wealthy, slightly out of place

My heart does overtime, in my body, and also
with my loved ones, and the needy

I talk to my heart because I know it well
I ask it to take rest, and also do more

Published in KnowThelf,Heal Thyself