A Prince Has Died

Today a Prince among men has diedroyal in birth, a refugee, a child passedfrom land to land.He won the heart and hand of a Princesswooed her, married, and served her wellrenouncing his title to be her Prince. Roguish, dapper, charming, and smarthe was unflinching in the task, he took noflatter, no false position, tireless heContinue reading “A Prince Has Died”

We Dream By Day

In the dusty night, shadowed by moonmen dream and forget their dreamstransient, filing thoughts,cleaning the brain for another day. Such is life, to keep us sane, dreams cleansewe are renewed, by night, in slumberunseen, except by moon and starsor a lover, gazing in tenderness. Dangerous are we who dream by daywe ignite change, dissatisfied byContinue reading “We Dream By Day”

Black Lives Matter…

I am pleased to quote the poem TheHill We Climb by Amanda Gorman When the day comes we ask ourselves,where can we find light in this never-ending shade?The loss we carry,a sea we must wadeWe’ve braved the belly of the beastWe’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peaceAnd the norms and notions of what just isIsn’tContinue reading “Black Lives Matter…”

I am better!…and The Freeze

Since I realised it was the heating that was aggravating my neurolgical disease, I turned the heating down by one degree. That has made a huge difference. I woke this morning and felt well. I revelled in it. I am still feeling well. It’s hard to think I thought I was fighting a fever, andContinue reading “I am better!…and The Freeze”