Feeling strange and Ireland lost!…

My daughter was supposed to collect my prescription yesterday, but they did not reach my home. I had asked her to get them on Friday, but she didn’t see my message. So now I have missed two doses of the medicine that most affects me if I miss a dose. I get swimmy in my head, and then dizzy which means I can’t walk or stand.

A friend down the road is going to collect it tomorrow and then I will switch back to a pharmacy that delivers. The one in the High St closed and all customer records were sent to a very unsuitable pharmacy.

I found my home much too hot today and couldn’t figure it out. I went to the boiler to reduce the heating, and then went to my thermostat. It was on 30 C !!! That’s like 95 F. Whoever did that was very unwise and didn’t ask my permission. It is turned down now and I’m wearing a T shirt.

I felt recovered from my misadventures in Salisbury. I caught up with the rest I needed, and recovered from being cold for quite a while. In fact, my friend, Ian Chorlton turned on the heated seat in his car, which was wonderful.

A plant I bought before travelling to Salisbury is still in my trolley.

I just went to rescue it and it is suffering from lack of light and water. I hope to nurture it to health again.

I haven’t been out since arriving back, as naps and rain got in the way. I won’t be able to go out tomorrow as I will be dizzy.

I have been cross with my friend who asked me to go on a date. He had reason to be in hospital and told me he would message me later. He didn’t so I got very worried and phoned. No answer. Messaged. No answer. Finally, yesterday he sent a message that he was with his daughters. At home. My frantic worry is now a crossness. I need to speak to him about this. And a date is now even more out of the question.

I have been writing. An article was submitted to Fearless She Wrote. And then I heard it was curated by This has confused me as I thought a publication accepting an article was curation.

The email said it was very high quality writing. In my opinion other articles I’ve written have been better…

What I find odd is that they ask for good grammar. I have read articles written as Americans speak. That is often a grammar fail. Oh well, as long as I’m happy I don’t mind.


Later today…

After my tepid shower early this morning I laid down, determined to sleep. I laughed, because if one is determined to sleep, success is not guaranteed. But I fell asleep around 8.30, because I missed my favourite news programme of the week.

I woke at 1pm feeling sleep satisfied, but not quite myself. Nothing specific.

I logged into and found I had more followers and responses to articles I have written. I so value this validation.

I have started a new campaign to try to save our local hospital, which serves a vast rural area. The political plan is to downgrade our acute hospital to elective surgeries only, and a walk in Urgent Care for minor injuries only. They want to upgrade a second-rate hospital on the far side of the next town, which means much longer travel times for the majority of the population. This flies in the face of common sense, let alone the risk assessment made by the ambulance service, and the nominated hospital has also calculated that 56 people per year will suffer a negative clinical result. Their figure is well below reality.

After the Tories won such a landslide victory, I was so gobsmacked that I thought I would no longer campaign. But habits die hard, and I have started a new petition, addressed to PM Boris Johnson. (His first name is Alex, but he adopted his middle name when he was about 14. We all refer to him as ‘Boris’.)

So my day so far has been productive, even though it’s Sunday. I don’t go out as much in winter, so it’s no problem. I take leisure time when it suits me.

I am about to eat some dinner, though it’s quite early. And I need to find someone to fetch my prescription, which my friend failed to get yesterday because she didn’t care enough. She thought the chemist would still be open when the shop she works had shut. The chemist closes at 5pm on a Saturday, and at the same time as her shop every weekday.

But I’m ready to sleep well tonight, and have a movie picked out for tonight.