Keeping my word…

I have just been let down by someone I had hoped would become a friend. In truth, I knew they would let me down early last week. They are a person who thinks it is OK to break their word if money is involved.

I don’t often give my word, but when I do I keep it, even if I ‘lose out’ somehow, because my word is what defines me. I will be known as a person of character or one of none.

I value being a person of character because I have positions in public office. It is a privilege, and very humbling, to serve the people I serve.

It was my Dad who instilled in me what character is. Not that we talked about it, but I watched him from early childhood. He treated royalty and refuse collectors the same. I never heard an angry word towards him, or he utter an angry word to others. In the Army, his men loved him. Many visited our home and gave my sister and me sweets or a pound.

I have realised through life that it is important to keep a promise or to do what you say you will do. So choose wisely what you say.

I repaid a neighbour $3 when I was terrified of approaching their front door. I have kept my word even when opportunities to have fun, be taken out for dinner, or have paid work, because to break my word is to disrespect the person to whom I made it. I try to honour people. I am not about dishonour or disrespect.

I am frail. My health is poor. I need to people in my life who will keep their word. I am blessed indeed to have discovered neighbours who are kind. She will pick up bits of shopping for me when she goes shopping. He and their son put together two garden chairs that arrived as flat pack. I did not expect them to be flat pack. I was felt cross. But I asked, and my neighbour said yes, and kept his word.

I am not doing drama with people anymore. If someone breaks their word, I will give them a second chance but will know they are unreliable and not trustworthy.

Of course, if they are ill or a member of their family, that is different. I don’t demand to be first priority. I don’t demand anything.

Trust is fragile. It takes a while to become, but is broken in a flash.