Jealous alcoholics do things that no normal person dreams of…

Today I had insight into the alcoholic mind of a very twisted woman. She has written malicious letters to all tenants in the house next door about me. I have photos. She gave my number to the Landlord Alliance and I took calls for the letting agency for three weeks.

I got no apology from the agency or compensation. Today I went to the office to apologise that I had been offended when I thought they were gossiping about me to their tenants and explained the truth.

That got me nowhere. What an unkind woman. I have sent everything to the anti-social behaviour team.

I have done absolutely nothing wrong. Ever. A former friend threw things over their fence because she was angry Ebsworth didn’t keep his word about, after a malicious text from his platonic housemate. I was not pleased that that happened. I am not tall enough to throw anything over the fence, except notes to M.

I don’t think that Michael knows how depraved that woman is. After she dumped 12kg of firewood over the fence he told me was ‘concentrating on getting better’ after breaking her back falling off a horse as she told people. She fell down the stairs.

A compulsive liar, she lied to me while we were ‘friendly.’ Wine in her hand every time I saw her.

I have worked with recovering alcoholics, but never have I seen the empty evil in a resentful alcoholic’s mind. What a pathetic life, watching a house on website to see if it becomes available and then to deliver a letter to each new tenant AND give my number to the Landlord Alliance.

Putrid behaviour. Inexcusable. Making my life a misery with neighbours’ who won’t take down windchimes that caused me agony. Damaging my good reputation.

Ugliest clock ever. Far to big for a room
Ugliest sofa in the world with ugliest cushion
Bed I shared, with ugly ship after criticising my tasteful one. Gymnastics in this bed.