Ban All Mirrors

Ban all mirrors from my life

Reflections don’t show me

The violation of disease

Is all I see

People think that this is me

Pushed out from the womb

I can’t tell everyone I meet

It is not so

When I am about or just alone

My body is wired in my brain

Others view is not the same

They don’t see me only disease

Published in The Lark


Sacred Are The Whispers

Those whispers so diverse
from ‘I love’ to screams of pain
 screams that are whispered
like a sinking boat, sliding down
in deep waters

So many facets she is in one day
joyous in the sunlight to agonized
in symptoms, the thieves
in her life, she can’t understand
she whispers in distress

Sacred are the whispers
from eras past when she felt loved
and fulfilled, ‘You’re welcome,

my pleasure’ and ‘I love you too’
she smiles, knowing her loss
will never be known

Published in Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


Some Points Of View

To some, gun control is
a firm grip and a steady hand.
A mind made up with resolution.
A good aim, or a clean sweep.

For some life is in a besieged city.
Talking on Skype to neighbours and
friends far away. They joke as bombs
fall. They will move the dead later.

For one percent of the world population
Money is no object, hunger never a thought.
Their only fear is death, tax no problem,
And should they buy another mansion?

Published 2016 by Dissident Voice

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