Brain Fog and gratitude…

Since my post this morning, I have shopped for food, and took the bus to another part of town. I hadn’t used this route before, so asked people to tell me where to get off for my purpose. I became well informed by kind people so my fear of going too far was assuaged. I had got soaked on my way to the bus station, and remained damp until I arrived home.

The facial was awesome. With calming music, dim lights, and the gentleness of the practitioner, the time went very quickly.

I decided to come back as a pedestrian. The rain had stopped it was mild, and I love being outdoors. I had spotted a lovely dress in the mall as I went past on my way to the bus station, so I went the length of the High Street to see if they had it in her size. They didn’t, but I asked if it ran small or if the sizing was generous. Small, so I snapped it up in no time. Even though it was on sale, I was told I could return it.

I bumped into neighbour, my neighbourhood, not nextdoor neighbours. We are always happy to see each other.

I arrived home, pleasantly tired, happy and content. My face feels great – this was my third facial, and my daughter once said that they make my face look dewy. I like that.

The rough sleeper did not come. This is typical. When I see him again, I will renew my offer.