Another sunny day…

I know people like this…

Today was sunny again, but I slept late again and didn’t get going until lunch time.

It was my cleaners day but I mainly got him to do stuff in the garden. I only wanted the kitchen and bathroom cleaned. Nothing else is dirty. So some tubs were filled and planted. A mini stereo installed.

I’ve discovered that the editor who is bullying me has no doctorate, but calls himself Dr anyway. There is no record of him in the directory of the graduates from the open source course he claims to have done.

He keeps bringing up stuff I’ve already admitted was a mistake. He has no shame in what he says.

I’m fine though. I am loved by so many that I collaborate with. But I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not. I’m content. I am used to being reviled for my talents. -fixing what is wrong in faculties, agencies, schools, and other organisations.

I was called in to audit Social Services.

I am trying to submit a poem. I need to make time.

In spring the garden keeps calling me out.

My hip has been biting a lot. I start to fall, but regain strength at the last minute. I hope it passes. Prayer and meditation.