Mother’s Day, Junk Food, and rugby…

Here in the UK it has been Mother’s Day. It’s before Easter because servants were given a Sunday off to visit their family before they needed to prepare their employer’s house for Easter.

It’s tricky as there are not many flowers in bloom and it can be cold. Today was a lot milder as the wind has died down. My daughter took me to a local spot that we both love. We decided that we would indulge in some junk food. I so enjoyed that. I eat very healthily so relished the laziness and taste. She gave me gifts that she knows I like.

Ireland v Scotland was even better than the rugby match yesterday. This is world class rugby, and Ireland are one of the best teams in the world. At 7 minutes to go, Scotland got to a draw with Ireland, but Ireland dug deep and won. My favourite line from the referee was “Jonny, don’t be scared”. That referee always reminds me of a team leader I used to have.

Jonny is Jonny Sexton, the captain since Rory Best retired. His name is apt as he is sexy too.

I am chilling now, finishing last night’s glass of wine. I feel tired in a really good way. Fresh air and a fulfilling day.

I will be posting published poetry once I am on a laptop again. I’m grateful for the use of this Mac, but I don’t speak Mac.

I feel rich because I have such good friends, neighbours, and am so proud and in love with my daughter. Today I walked further than I have in a while. When I think I was told I was in danger of dying ten days ago, I smile. That paramedic overloaded me with oxygen so my body made too much carbon dioxide. I was puzzled by his verdict as I have felt far more unwell than I did then.


It’s not just cricket…

…it’s Joe Root.

Scotland beat England at Twickenham for the first time since 1973. The Calcutta Cup is the oldest rugby fixture. What a game!


Please click on ‘like’ as I know you’ve looked, and the rugby…

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I just watched Ireland beat Scotland very convincingly. They were playing at Lansdowne Road, where Scotland have not won for a decade. England is the most recent visitor to win there.

If Ireland could just find it themselves mentally to win in Paris, they would be truly phenomemal.

I felt sorry for Peter Mahony, who put the ball down just on the wrong side of the try line.

I had a better day yesterday, until I went to bed and then I thought death was inniment. I eventually fell asleep and woke feeling much better.

My boiler fails every day. I am fed up completely. On Monday, I will insist that it is replaced.

Friends helped me plant a dwarf cherry tree yesterday. It arrived long after I had bought it and needed to get it in soil.

The stormy rain last night fitted my physical state. But I was warm and dry, and though alone, not lonely.


Ireland won! again…

I love it when Ireland win. As a team they are so connected, no one player trying too get glory. Johnny Sexton is a great captain, and it shows with two very comfortable wins.

I had an unexpected nap just before the match. The nerve in my thigh made it’s presence known so I lay to meditate and found myself falling asleep. I heard the postman knocking, but hey I was pain free and relaxed. I didn’t answer.

I’ve been reading a lot on medium and started to think I have nothing to offer, but I got rid of that mindset. Really, there is no use in comparing oneself to others. We are all unique.

I roasted some food in the oven, and took one lot out and came upstairs before remembering the other lot. This is what I try to avoid. Anyway, it came out well, after I got my breath back. I need to be more mindful.

If you were reading my blog this time last year, you will know I spend my time being as efficient as possible. Since I started taking a medicine, I don’t need to be as careful but I still find wasted journeys tiring.

Yesterday, I took a birthday card and gift to a friend in my road. She wasn’t there, no car, no dogs barking. I sent a text asking when she would be back. I got a reply timed after 11pm saying ‘back from where?’. This annoyed me. I told her I had gone to her house yadayadayayada and I couldn’t tell her where she had been. I took the gift and card today and left it inside her side gate. I’ve had no response.

Why do people text so late? I don”t mind if it’s a lover, but a friend should know better.

The pain in my thigh stayed away, which is encouraging as meditation is free, and has other benefits too.

Did you see the moon? Still bright tonight, although a storm is moving in.


Ireland won, and more on my journey…

I was very happy that Ireland won their opening game in the Six Nations. They won at home for the first time since the game at Croke Park, borrowed from the GAA. I remember that match. Not a dry eye in the stadium. It was such a shame that Ronan Gara refused to shake hands with royalty.

It would have been my sister Pamela’s birthday today. It’s a a strange thing to know it, and miss her. She should be here, laughing with me.

I am seeing spring is very much arriving in my garden. Green shoots are everywhere, buds and spring flowers. It gives me a good feeling. It’s a bit early for some things but with so much confusion in the weather I’ll take any joy on offer.

My writing is going well on medium. I enjoy it and I like reading the articles of others. It’s a stretching exercise, a growing edge, and I’m glad because I like personal growth. I don’t like to stand still.

The nerve in my left leg has continued to give some gip, but nothing like the pain I had previously. I’m grateful for this.


The Six Nations…

I have spent today urging people to sign a petition, answering questions and statements made about the proposed changes to our hospitals that were so convoluted that I could barely believe them, and have had everything mansplained to me several times.

It happens, but not as frequently as today.

I am looking forward to the Six Nations rugby championship which starts next Saturday. I always support Ireland, who do well when they don’t win. I love rugby, my phone google follows it for me along with a loot of other sports.


Comments about my daughter and a lone fig…

Yesterday I saw a friend and she had been shopping with someone else I know. That someone commented on how beautiful the young woman who was assisting was. My friend replied ‘that’s Chrissie’s daughter’… I told my daughter today. She glowed.

My daughter was wearing a midi dress today. It had a split at the side, to just above the knee. She had teamed this with Doctor Martens boots. She looked fantastic. It’s a combination I would never put together at any time in my life. I have always chosen femine looking footwear, and most of my clothes have been fairly feminine. I used to love wearing straight jeans, like Levi 501s, they made legs look endless.

My four year old fig tree, which I planted a year ago, has one tiny fig. This is not the season for figs. They should appear in August/September. My whole garden is in different stages. I have poppies in bud and other plants in flower.

Today, I have had a lot of pain in my leg. Similar to the pain in my arm the other day. That pain is now only in my thumb. It’s strange and so far can only think it’s due to the wind chimes. I also have a slight headache, which might be due to the tea I drank with CBD oil in. Yes, a friend led me astray and took me to a tea shop that specialises in CBD oil. I do have some here at home.

If these pains go on, I will need to see my doctor. I don’t want to. I don’t want any consequences, like investigations.

It’s the Rugby World Cup final tomorrow. I’ll be rooting for England. I was so disappointed that Ireland lost to New Zealand in the quarter finals. Especially as it was Rory Best’s last match. A hooker, he has been captain since Brian O’Driscoll retired. Ireland beat New Zealand in their last two meetings.

It is again raining. We have had so much rain since the Equinox. Rivers and water meadows are flooding.


Lots of cups…

This year I’m looking forward to the Rugby World Cup. I love rugby and support Ireland, which is one of the best teams in the Northern Hemisphere. After them, I support England or Wales. I’m very proud that Ireland beat New Zealand twice last year. New Zealand are consistently one of the best teams in the world.

It’s also the Cricket World Cup which I follow on my phone and watch when I can. I have always liked cricket, as a child I watched it with my Dad and then a boyfriend liked it. I have spent many sunny afternoons watching cricket on local ovals, wherever I was living.

The women’s Soccer World Cup is also on. I don’t like soccer, so that will pass me by.

I was very athletic when I was young. I ran 100 yards, and kicked a football around. I ran for my school. I played rounders and cricket. After my surgeries I went from captain of the team to last to be chosen. I found that so hard. Incredibly hard. So I rejoice in my daughter, who is athletic and ran for her school in three disciplines and has danced since she was three. She is long of limb and poised.

I’ve just been to our local boat show and I can hear the loud speaker announcements as I write. It’s very blustery so when my friend had to leave, I came home. I will go out with my daughter later, catch a drink and some music.