When I went to Israel…

I have been to Israel twice. I have several favourite places. The first is Hamet Gader, some hot springs north of the Kinneret. A skin problem was cured there.

I love a garden we used in Tiberius, which had a gate opening directly onto the Sea of Galilee, or Kinneret. We literally stepped into the sea, and swam. There were fresh apricots to be picked from the trees.

The market streets in Jerusalem were bustling with activity and there were wonderful aromas from food being prepared. I grew to love filafels.

Jerusalem bus station became my favourite place, though it is changed now. Buy a cup of coffee, sit, and you can talk to hundreds of nationalities. The conversations I had there. I learnt so much.

Israeli men fascinated me. They were so diverse, but all loved children. The first time I flew home, I knew I wanted to be with a Jew.

I still do.