The Thing About Dutch Stairs

It is a thing indeed

Photo by Julia Solonina on Unsplash

The Netherlands, or Holland, is a small country. You can see in the photo above how closely packed the buildings are.

I’ve been there a few times. I once went by ferry and train. On the North Sea, I feared my seasickness might cause me to die. Then I feared it would not.

On each occasion I was there, I encountered their stairs. So did Michelle.

However, Michelle did not describe the Dutch stairs. I will.

First, you come to them and think What on earth…? Then you start to climb them. Therein is the thing.

The tread of Dutch stairs is about four inches deep and you rise about eight inches. A woman in heels is done for.

These stairs appear in homes, museums, cafes, the whole outfit. If you have consumed alcohol, please stay on the ground floor.

The Ann Frank museum has such stairs and to see the hiding place is very treacherous with so many people with many cultures doing whatever they think right. It is best to wait until stairs are empty before ascending.

My former fiance’s home was no exception. I stopped spending time with his sister in her attic room.

Maybe things have changed a bit. I’ve not been in a while. But the Ann Frank House is preserved.

Dutch stairs are a thing. So is the art. As are the canals. You can also purchase cannabis. I eat some now and then. It helps with my pain.