Still a bit achy and the moon…

I came across this photo of Steve McQueen the other day. I have to admit I find him very very sexy. I’ve enjoyed discovering his movies, and remember watching The Great Escape with my Dad. This was taken during the filming of Le Mans in 1974, but there is no mention of the photographer.

When I read about Steve McQueen’s difficult childhood and troubled life it made me really sad. But he achieved his dream of being a great actor. I will add he was a movie star. Some movie stars are not great actors.

I am still a bit achy but don’t know exactly why. I was at the hair dresser’s for just over an hour, but that shouldn’t make me ache.

Yes, I feel great about my hair. The layers are almost all out. I’ve had compliments. He cut it very well at the back.

I am now being trolled as I campaign to save our hospital. I’ve had to resort to blocking the worst ones. They are people whom I don’t know so there’s no hurt. I don’t know why people have to be unpleasant and bully.

I’m sleeping extremely well again. Those few broken nights last week took a toll. I feel refreshed and on top of my game, but what does that mean?

I had a good natter with friend last night, over a cup of tea. It was enjoyable, as I’m not really a nattering person.

I forgot to say watch out for the moon this weekend. It will be full. Perhaps a super moon?


Poem Published…

Orion Returns

December 9, 2019 Written in August

To the east, lest the Sun arise from slumber
the ghost of the shimmering summer dawn
reveals himself in the heat of the season,
hunting for souls who dream, to mesmerize

The winter hunter strays from the frozen north
taunting, enticing, those who will be his prey
a spectre of the sky, before we awake
He casts his nets, his arrows, his poison darts

World sleep on, the Moon has not yet swooned
in Sun’s jealous skies, room for no other till she tires
and sinks to her bed, Orion will find
those who seek him in the darkest hour

Published by Poetry Bar