Counting Stars

A poem

Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash

The lush shade was so inviting
after the scorch of day
a place that looked inviting
Here tonight I could safely lay

I dreamt I could lay there
with you together there
we could count the stars

The night was cool and refreshing
but thorns scratched my soul
nowhere I would safely lay
I dreamed we would lay there

Both of us lay there, hand in hand
And we would count the stars

Published in The Lark


Dinner at a friend’s…

Yesterday evening, I went to the home of a friend for dinner. It was really pleasant. It felt so good to venture out across the harbour, the sky was clear and the stars were bright.

My friend gets up very early and then finds the early dark nights cause him to start drinking. This worries me as it is becoming his habit. A dangerous habit. If he were to get up a bit later and readjust his schedule, he would not feel that void. It’s a long evening of drinking when one starts at 4.30pm.

Coming back this morning was stormy. Wind and rain. Very few people around. It seems calmer now.

It is so good to be feeling well again. It was such a long time – or so it seemed. I still take one steroid tablet and must ask when it would be advisable to stop. I don’t want to be dependent on them.

I took a photo on the bridge yesterday. Not the best one I’ve ever taken, but it’s a reminder of being better and out.

(I stay in my friend’s spare room. It actually is spare and I sleep alone.)


The Milky Way…

New view of Milky Way’s center
The SOFIA flying telescope has captured a new panoramic image of the center of our home galaxy, the Milky Way. The image shows a region more than 600 light-years across, revealing unprecedented details within the center’s dense swirls of gas and dust. Read more and watch a video



White idiots…

The Aboriginal people of Australia were great astronomers thousands of years before the Greeks…their drawings of the planets and stars are found to match more recent maps of the heavens. They could tell when the rains would come, the full moon, the Spring tide. How? By watching the night sky and counting.
Also they have held the knowledge of many medicines and so white man is now in a hurry to record this information as they never thought to ask before. Shame.


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A difficult day…

I don’t ask for much. The above is fine for me. When I became engaged I picked a ring that cost £20. Our wedding cost £240. I don’t want another wedding, just someone to love back and lie on the grass looking at the stars.

So today I had some time pressures and I got a bit breathless. I had a moment of alarm. But recovered. I can’t remember if I took al my medicines because I had a thought and went to do it, and then couldn’t remember what I’d taken. I can’t let that happen again.

I no longer carry my inhaler around the house because the tightness and wheezing are so rare now. I just need not to rush when people are waiting for me and I’ve been held up.