Why do I get unwanted attention from men?

I’m a member of a community website. Lots of people use it, and some players in my life have tried to make problems for me there. They get removed. But a man joined, and he messaged me. I ignored that message for days. Then he joined again. As it was I who clicked on his arrival, I commented that he was already a member. Then he messaged me and asked me to phone him to sort out his two profiles. I said that was unnecessary and told him where to find the deactivation. Today I logged in and he is asking to meet me.

Why? Why? Why do I get unwanted attention like this?

It isn’t just he and the one who arrived in my bedroom. I repeatedly get situations like this. I don’t want a relationship. I’ve known that for years. But I get such strange messages and attention that I really really don’t want.

My cousin phoned. That’s always good.