Only if you’re incredibly kind or stupid…

…do you get mentioned here.

The one exception is Michael who is both kind and stupid because he thinks the malice from that woman ended when she left.

That’s in the past he said to me last March. And I thought yes it should be but for some weird reason my new neighbours were hostile by then. I thought the lies told by W were being gossiped by Quay Living.

No, that was too obvious.

I’m no good with malice. I’ve only ever attempted to have a therapeutic relationship with someone in my care.

He was flown home to Australia instead of being turned over to the police. He would have been in jail a long time. But considering the crime, he’s probably in jail in Australia anyway. That was wrong of my bosses and part of the reason I left.

I cannot think like a malicious person. It never occurs to me, the things they do.

I just went to get anti-histamine to try to reduce my swelling. Sometimes histamine over reacts and swelling remains. Another chemical is involved too, I can’t think of it’s name.

I have run cold water over my foot. It is so bruised and painful. The trip to the shop has caused my breathing to deteriorate. I thought for five minutes I would have to call an ambulance. Again.

I don’t recognise my life. But then, it’s been unrecognisable since last December 27 when 12kg of kindling from Amazon came over the fence.

When I told Mike he said that she was concentrating on getting well.

Kind and stupid.


Some people need to lie to feel good. Les Sherlock stole my Intellectual Property…

I found this in my Google profile. It is a complete lie. I asked Les Sherlock NOT to write any music. I hadn’t heard any of his compositions, but all my friends told me I should not ever let him near my Opus Dei.

I was stupid enough to ask him what he thought, and he asked to keep a copy. Stupidly, again,I trusted him to respect my wishes that he not write any music.

The next thing I knew, he had done it, He stole my Intellectual Property.

A ‘Christian’ who bullied me in a vicarage, spitting saliva in his anger that I had opinions about my own work.

I sent it to contacts in the U.S. who told me lyrics were brilliant but the music appalling. Chrissie Morris-Brady had the idea for this musical, and wrote the words in 1989. After unsuccessfully looking for someone to write music for it, she asked me to have a go. After unsuccessfully looking for someone to write music for it, she asked me to have a go…