My health…

Lately, my health has been OK. For me, with all the complex issues I have. My breathing is ‘ok’ but I do frequently feel I might suffocate. This occurs when I change posture. It means that sometimes I lay down at night and my respiratory rate will be about 140 and my pulse about the same. Panic strikes but I know that waiting it out will bring normality back.

I had botuline injected into my arm in an attempt to relax it. That failed and has caused me excruciating pain. I have made a complaint.

I also have a complaint against South West Ambulance. I can’t go into detail.

So generally, things are always less good than a week before. The degeneration is slow. Warm weather is my friend.

My garden is delightful. Flowers everywhere. I greet each new flower with delight. I will post a photo soon.


My breathing is rubbish…

Yesterday, when I went to water the garden, my breathing deteriorated quite a bit. When I came in, I felt I was suffocating – I literally could not get air in. It is terrifying, as the feeling is so visceral. So overwhelming. It is not like energy being sapped away.

My body fights to get air in. I can’t stop it. My lungs crave air. So now, I am loathe to do anything. Any exertion seems to result in suffocation.

No appointment from Southampton as yet.