Overall, a good day…

This morning my man put together my replacement swing seat. It is wooden so will not rust or rot. It fits perfectly where the old one was. I planted while he was here, and our chat was companiable. He is such a quality man.

A friend contacted me today to say he is coming tomorrow to help in the garden.y He is another man of quality. I have such wonderful friends in my life. They far outweigh the empty headed people who abuse me on Facebook. Gossips are toxic.

It is so satisfying to see progress in the garden. It is such a healing pastime. I believe we are innate gardeners, the spark just needs to be lit. I have gardened since childhood. And in every country I have lived in.

I have a new pain. It is in my ribs but also a spasm of a muscle under my ribs. The pain is incredible. Until a new prescription arrives I use gin and bitter lemon for relief. I don’t like doing this but it is temporary.

I have told my boss at SWAST about the ridicule and abuse I have had on Facebook. He has complete faith in me and said how much value I have brought to SWAST.

I am so grateful to work for such a fantastic organisation.


Information day with SWASFT…

This morning I managed to get zoom working on the Mac, and attended an information day.

We were given a demonstration of how dispatching works. It is very complicated as events change by the minute. My admiration for dispatchers is huge.

We had a few other topics presented with power points but it was never boring at all. I found it humbling that such wonderful people are working twelve hour shifts and get so little thanks.

I met other governors as well as my lead, and some other staff in other roles. It was a lovely start to my day.

I am sleeping well, and am in touch with friends and my daughter. I have come to know some neighbours who are both trauma nurses. The husband admired my home and my garden. The wife said she had seen me in A&E last week, using my laptop. I remembered then that once I had been relieved of pain, I decided to write. As no one was in earshot, I went over to my bag to get it, and that’s when the venflom was yanked out of my hand and blood spurted everywhere. The IV stand was fixed. Even so, my brain was malfunctioning, I had been in so much pain just by being in A&E.

A third laptop has been returned. I am struggling to find the same quality of laptop within my budget. Even refurbished ones.

My day has disappeared. It’s already 9pm.