I had my vaccine…

Very reluctantly, but because it’s the right thing to do. I knew it would make me unwell, but I didn’t bargain for how unwell. I became very feverish, and every bone in my body hurt. I didn’t bother to take my temperature as I was far too unwell. I was very hot indeed.

I also had trembling and muscle spasms. This is what I had feared most – the effect on my nervous system.

56 hours later, my temperature is down, most of the aching and bone pain is gone, but I have nerve pain and earlier I had sharp pain in my left shoulder.

I am fully aware of what pain in my left shoulder might indicate, but I’ve had it on and off for a long time. I frequently get pain in my chest. I know my heart is affected but not sure how. I am not ready to see a doctor about it yet. I have other concerns.

Most of us here are staying at home, if we can’t go to work. I have become aware of people jaunting around the country to hear/see concerts. I am enraged because two weeks ago our fourth paramedic died of Covid. 41 years old. Doing his job.

The NHS is so stretched. People who go for jaunts risk having accidents. That’s why they’re asked to stay local. This is a pandemic. It’s a virus with which humans have no immunity. I give up on people being decent and doing the right thing.

It’s a bright sunny day today but I shall probably fall asleep. In rugby, the Triple Crown will be fought for. I hope I get to see it.


I don’t have a temperature, it’s more sinister…

Having been concerned about a temperature over the last few days, I realise I was mistaken.

Last night when I went to bed, my skin was cool and normal. It dawned on me that the heat and perspiration I’ve been experiencing is my neurological disease reacting to my central heating.

My heating is as low as possible and not on all the time. I experience a ‘prickly heat’ type of reaction. It is my neurological disease response.

This is a new development; other symptoms are apparent too. I have a hard time with my left hand.

I have been trying to help my daughter find a house to buy. If she wants to stay in Oxford, it makes sense to to buy here and let it out, as prices are much higher in Oxford. I am also longlisting property nearer to Oxford.

I can’t wait to be with her at Christmas, it’s my birthday too. I have missed her so much. She will visit more frequently in the new year when more people have had the vaccine. One third of her time away has been in lockdown.

I really hope we don’t see a spike in Covid-19 after Christmas. It will ruin the roll-out of the vaccine.

Near to Christmas is the only time I miss having a partner. I miss picking out gifts for a man, choosing some clothing that really suits them, and something fun for both of us.

Being single is greatly underated, and I think some polyamorous people are happier than couples.

I’m glad my daughter is single after far too long, and can enjoy it. She needs lots of dates, to make up for her teenage years.