The air is like syrup…

Nietzsche is probably my least liked of the philosophers, but this is one of my favourite phrases. So many people have no joy in their lives, no sense of purpose or value.

Even when I am low, and I can tell you honestly I can get very low, I know that my life is purposeful. Meaningful.

I had an encounter with God that changed my whole life. Mike once said to me I couldn’t be a Christian because I hesitated in saying I am. I hesitated because I don’t associate myself with people who go to a building on Sundays and behave like anyone Tom, Dick or Harry on the other days. Like the vicar who behaved so disgracefully when my sister died. Or people in church who swindle people selling cars. I’ve seen it all. I prefer to call myself a believer. I believe in God by conviction, and it changes how I think about life, and death too.

My collection of poetry is out. My editor, C T Meek says of it that I am unflinching and use gossamer thread. That is a compliment I value. The book is dedicated to my sister, who died so horribly, and embraces political issues, nature, war, love, grief, the whole of life really.