Dog Walk

A poem

Photo by Jack Anstey on Unsplash

Bright sunshine, cold sea wind invigorates
Lifting our spirits like blossoms opening
My dog rushes about full of joy, running for the thrill
As I also once did

The boats bob up and down on the choppy water
Skiffs, yachts and fishing boats
Pulling at their moorings, anxious to be off
And explore every inlet

I’m gazing out to sea, looking for my landmarks
Just avoid colliding with the same silly post
Which stops towing cars turning left, or right
If bringing in a boat

This is where seahorses thrive and get cast up
Where men dig for cockles in the shingle
When tide is out, unveiling ocean foods
And dogs roll in the smells

Oystercatchers throng around, heads bob bobbing
Greedy gulls steal all they can, nature or man’s
Egrets when the tide is in all in married couples
Pied wagtails pecking too

Published in The Lark