Bright Day

The sun is bright but the wind is bitter
It’s too soon for me, this Fall
I want bare arms and legs like last year
Not a sudden freeze and frost

Oh sun, burn bright, warm my days
The cold is not my friend
Premature this year is a cruel trick,
Kiss my skin again


The tiredness…

This week started with a lot of social activity. Friends came here and I went places with others. For some reason, tiredness has overwhelmed me and the left side of my back. The pain there has overwhelmed me. I have been out and about but also resting a lot.

I think the change in temperature has also been a factor.


Another article and doing better…

I had a self-inflicted bad day as I hate this lockdown although I know the logic. I feel better since I got an amusing WhatsApp message from a friend.

I have been writing and am feeling the love from the community here. I feel sorry for my friends in the US, as that is the current epicenter of Corvid19, and all Trump wants to do is lift restrictions so the economy can recover.

If I had known my previous neighbours would move because they thought they had been mentioned in my blog, I would have mentioned them a year ago. Just think, I put up with their windchime and all their nuisance behaviour for a year and all I had to do was mention them!!!

I still can’t find where they think they are mentioned. I’m just happy they are gone.

The weather has been lovely but still cool. Spring. I need to trim a few growths from my jasmine so that the energy goes into the upright and wall hugging branches.

My clematis has grown tremendously too. It needs a bit of pinning to the fence.

My hair still feels great and hopefully looks great, and my smoke alarm is still bleeping in spite of being dismantled. Still no well ripped fireman, even if I wanted one.

At 8pm on Thursday, the nation is going to applaud our medical staff from our front doors, windows and balconies. I’m looking forward to that.

I am missing people.