Yesterday, I had another crew of paramedics. One was really sweet. The other I have met before and though she is professional she talks too much and too loud.

I felt fine afterward, even though they made me sign a disclaimer. My head took a while to stop aching after meds and loud voices.

I had, in fact, realised the surgery was open and rang to ask if they would nebulizer me if they had ipratropium there. They did. I rang the ambulance service to stand them down, but they asked why. They then told me to stay put.

This morning I was wheezy again, I waited a while and then headed for the surgery. When I got there my wheeze was gone. Fresh air is a nebulizer!

I am now prescribed an ipratropium inhaler. I could deal to the whole of my town.

It was nice though, to be in town with a purpose. I saw islands of green sitting areas with lovely landscaped gardens where a main road had been.


And repeat…

I am wondering if I need to start another course of antibiotics. Although I still feel well, finally, I am wheezing again.

I am still sleeping like all get out, but exertion causes me wheezing. I should have spoken to my doctor in the week, but was sleeping until 1pm or so. It’s hard to squeeze everything in the remaining hours.

I attended a poetry zoom meeting last night. It was very good, but then my internet dropped out and that was curtailed. No Abby G Poetree there uming and aring and always choosing the same people. No silent cutting out of someone who responds to unkindness.

I sleep well well at night, and then on to lunch time. Even when I have breakfast. Even if I answer the door. I sit down and sleep. I must say I like it. I love being relaxed.

I don’t know how long this will go on.


Feeling awful…

Yesterday,, paramedics came out as I was wheezing so badly. They nebulized me, which gave some improvement, but wanted to take me to hospital. They agreed that the risk of catching worse bugs there was too high.

I was shaking so much with the effect of the nebuliser. I could see my hands trembling and I had tachycardia. I went to bed at 7.30 or so and amazingly I slept well.

I had been meant to see friends yesterday, which we put of until today but I have cancelled as I feel so weak.

I will sip some wine and go to bed soon. I hope my rest will be as good tonight.

My daughter is working in Oxford for another five months. I don’t want to worry her.

It’s been good to have contact with her though, and many of my friends.