Magic Medicine…

My new doctor and I are on first name terms because our children went to school together. I thought I would find it odd, but it’s great.

He prescribed me a tablet that deals with allergens that get into the lungs, and I haven’t had to be nebulised since. I’ve been much less tired, which shows how much effort my breathing caused me. I would fall asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow. Now, this is not the case although after I take my medicine I am physically very relaxed. Sometimes I lose my balance.

That my breathing took so much energy really shocks me. (This is after the warm weather began.) I would have to pause, whatever I was doing, to rest, use my inhaler, and just wait for normal respiration. This one medicine could have saved so many paramedics coming to nebulise me last year.

If I’ve said any of this before, please forgive me. I don’t tend to look back to previous posts as I would stop blogging, stop writing poetry, and just shrivel up.

Look for the magic in your day, it’s there, the wonder in every day things.