Someone using Virgin media..

There is someone who uses Virgin as their IP who reads my blog. Once, they copied my whole blog, or downloaded it.

It seems you like to look at my recipes and cooking tips. As well as reading my other posts. I get my poetry revisited too.

Today was almost normal. To me, Christmas is twelve days, although since my daughter grew up it’s harder to celebrate that way.

I ate the last of the Christmas dinner. It tasted so good. I will do the same next year. When it warms up a little, I will roast some vegetables for a soup, and put the remainder in the fridge with some spices.

Next year I want to write more about the Climate Crisis and Black Lives Matter. I also want to write about the poverty in the UK. There are so many social issues that are important, but these three are my priority.

We are overwhelmed by Covid-19, ambulances and hospitals are under great pressure. The gov. is not doing the right thing. At least we have some governance, Trump wants to pretend it doesn’t exist. Around 12 000 Americans are dying everyday.


X-Ray appointment…

So I have am X-ray appointment in August. They wanted it to be in the next town, but I gave out a little bleat so it’s at my local hospital after all. This is for my hip. Typically, it’s been better since, but an x ray will show if any thing is wrong.

I’ve struggled a bit today with the attitude of an editor. Then I just decided to let go and not worry or care. I am not responsible for his attitude. Once I decided this, I felt the freedom to write a piece and it flowed well.

I found an image today. Here it is:

This is a baby a twelve weeks gestation. I lost a baby just before that. When I saw this all the grief I feel welled up and overtook me. I was so ill when or after it happened and the father behaved, well, as though it never happened.

I named the lost soul John Michael. He was conceived in happiness.

So I tossed some of my roast tomatoes in Singapore rice noodles and a pinch of sea salt with chilli and drizzled some oil. It was great, and some German white wine and then went to meet a friend.

I am finishing my wine now. Feeling a little sad.


No image today, I’m too tired…

Yesterday I slept a great deal. I finally have no ache around my diaphragm area.

The weather is not great, so I haven’t been out and my plants need planting still. I feel a bit lazy, but feel tired.

Covid19 is my town. It feels strange to know there’s something out there that you can’t see. No idea who may be infected. I now make sure not to touch anyone and wash my hands a lot. I need to remember to clean my phone too.

I don’t know why I am so tired. I have slept badly for a while. I guess that’s why.

I haven’t much else to say. I write and try to eat and then I go to sleep.


I was like a drowned rat today…

Today I spent a lot of time getting nowhere with anything. Then I went to meet a friend and it started to pour down.

I have had good events on, and it encourages me to write more.

That’s all for now.