Poem#23 Bard

Not the day of his birth, his coming to this world, but the date his christened William Shakespeare. Now four centuries since he passed away.   He dwelt among folk of many races, since trade with the east brought spice, cloths, religions, philosophies. Thus he wrote a richness that few have matched.   Puns andContinue reading “Poem#23 Bard”

Poem#19 The Sun Cries

A Princess is born to wealth, comfort, ease and privilege. Just down the road a child dies of injuries from his mother. Six thousand miles away, a child dies of starvation, her cousin maimed by a bomb, their mothers raped to death. Journeys are made across an unkind sea. In the bright blue sky, the sunContinue reading “Poem#19 The Sun Cries”

Poem#15 Fairytale Ending

That wonderful, unbreakable, glass slipper which fell from her foot unscathed Why did it stay under the spell whilst the dress, the carriage and even her hair returned to their normal state? Why was there a decree that every woman in the land should try on the unsmashed shoe? Who would expect maids or cleanersContinue reading “Poem#15 Fairytale Ending”