Still feeling the effects…

Today my friend down the road took my overnight sleep tests back to the hospital for me. She was later than she had said because she had loaded her washer as it was such a glorious day she wanted to get her laundry out to dry.

Her text came just after I had given up waiting and gone back to bed. I am still weary!!!

My upper tummy muscles and diaphragm area still ache! It sometimes causes me to think I’m hungry. I don’t recall feeling this before, and I did do tummy crunches at one time and lifting my legs in the air (take note, Jim. My core is puny, but not that puny)!

My daughter sent me a text telling me she wants me to admit I need her help. I know, I thought that too. I fell back to sleep for an hour and then replied with what she wanted to here. Yes, I thought so as well.

She arrived here just around 4.20 pm and asked where the test was to take to the hospital. I replied that as she had withdrawn her offer to take it early this morning, my friend had taken it. (Plus, my daughter doesn’t tell me times that she’ll come.)

She sat and I was complimenting her hair when she started an argument. I was very aware that my cleaner was here. So I asked if she would go to the nearby convenience store to get a pint of milk. She came back and put it in the fridge and left.

My cleaner brought me a cup of tea, and his face was dark with anger. I apologised that my daughter had behaved like that.

Now I have a glut of toilet tissue. My daughter dropped some in on Sunday and my cleaner brought some. I ordered a bulk buy online and now will be supplying the residents of my road. They are rationed now because of the Covid19. There are two cases in my wider area. It does make me nervous about using the buses.

I don’t mind dying, I just don’t want to be ill.

My friends’ baby was born at 11.54 am 9 March. I’m so pleased for them. A girl, Willow.

I went to sleep easily, around 10.30 and woke at 11.30. I had hoped it was early morning.

I have started a further declutter. Less is more. And I realised I had badly neglected my houseplants. I am trying to nurse them back to health.