I have felt so alive today…

I have felt great today. In every way. This morning I made coffee and sat on my patio regarding my garden. Two branches of my fig tree were looking as though they were weighted down after the heavy rain yesterday.

After I finished my coffee, I cut those two branches off. It’s early to be pruning, but more energy will go into the figs now. I’ve spotted my next one to eat. They look rather like a scrotum.

Then I cut away some low branches on my silver birch tree. I dead headed a couple of roses, helped my rambling rose to grip the trellis, and then picked some tomatoes. They taste so good.

I roast some by cutting them in half and sprinkling with ground pepper. I just put them in the oven for about ten minutes. They are great in a warm salad or cold.

I will save some to add to soups for winter. I find that adding a tomato while sweating onions and other vegetables makes the flavours better. I like to use butternut squash with other vegetables. Leeks, carrots, parsnips, spinach, anything really.

I have written two essays and taken two walks. I have loved this day. No pain to speak of. And now I am sipping some Shiraz.