The heat…

I like summer. I enjoy going out without having to wrap up. Today has been hot

and I have felt lazy.

My tomatoes are still coming fast, so I took some to a friend. Some are over ripe. I had figs today and yesterday.

I cancelled my X-ray appointment yesterday as I felt a bit strange. Nothing obvious or apparent, just not quite myself. I have another in September.

My hip hasn’t been painful for most of the week. I do, however, have a massive bruise on my thigh. I didn’t want it remarked upon at the hospital. It is better than it was.

I am so grateful that my previous neighbours are gone. Those windchimes would have wreaked havoc, and it was while they were audible that the pain in my hip first started. What ghastly neighbours they were.

I’ve just had to communicate about the current one. Gates left open. I have a big delivery coming.

I wish I had been more playful when Mike was here. Roughhoused with him, tickled him, been more teasing. It would have made a happier memory.

I was caught off guard as I had hoped for a more planned arrival. Not arriving late evening, unplanned.

I don’t want anyone else.