Sleep, glorious sleep…

Last night I slept like a log. I woke early, fiddled on some work and went back back to sleep.

I slept through three phone calls and roof repairs . I feel so different. Recharged.

I am giving English as a foreign language lessons to a neighbour. I so enjoy it. We have fun. I let him set the agenda quite a bit and teach him idioms, slang, and proper words and sentences too.

He makes good progresss.

Maybe I slept better because I poured my heart out to a friend of Mike. I told him all about the alcoholism. I worry so much about him.I don’t know if I’m indifferent or hate him. I loved him as I never loved anyone before.

So, I am considering linking with the local hospice so I can stop my lung medicine and slip away. My daughter has the opportunity to go elsewhere for six months after this is over. When that will be I don’t know.

I cannot live without seeing the sun in winter.

And Michael Ebsworth repeatedly crooned I’m never going to let you die alone. You and I are all I care about now.

By Chrisssie Morris Brady

I've read poetry since I was nine and have written creatively since I was fourteen (probably long before that). After writing book reviews and social comment, I decided I wanted to write poetry. I have no formal training, but I surround myself with poets and their writing. I am honing my craft.
I have two published collections which I don't feel good about, but have been published by and other publications. I live on the south coast of England with my daughter. I am seriously ill.

11 replies on “Sleep, glorious sleep…”

Jim. If that building goes up I will not see the sun all winter. If you had not realised I have 2morbid diagnosis. I had to stop writing a recent post. I was in tears. I am considering ending the tablet that keeps my lungs wrking in our local hospice.

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mmm you comments on the flu vaccine make more sense to me now.

I hope after some more sleep you are feeling strong – It saddens me to read you think it is better to leave…I don’t want to presume anything as I don’t know enough about you…hell, I don’t even know about myself to even begin to assume I know anything about anyone else.

If you need an ear, I’m happy to listen. My partner of 20 years is an alcoholic – high functioning if that is even a thing to help bring meaning – I love his sober self, deal with his drunken alter ego’s voice… released co-dependency…no idea what is next, but time will tell. He is my best mate, my love and my girls dad…its not all doom n gloom…like anything can be better. We are working on it.

Ok well I got sidetracked here…but I was trying to say, been touched by another’s addiction.

As for your lungs…I know there is more to it than I am currently aware. I have watched those close to me battle with health – and rest in peace took the pain away. Not that I am saying that is the answer, just I respect why they choose it.

Ok, I trust these words come across as intended…just extending an arm and ear if you ever need it. I just met you….not ready for endings. Thank you for being you.

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